Transformable necklace 2 necklaces in 1

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I have always loved the large layered neck necklace. I invented this double necklace that you can transform if necessary, and have three different solutions, transformable necklace 2 necklaces in 1

  1. short
  2. average
  3. oversize (short + medium)

Oversized choker necklace 2 necklaces in 1, is the overlap of 2 necklaces (the choker necklace + the medium necklace) Leather back, automatic closure
Necklaces with 16 strands, (16 strand choker necklace + medium 16 strand necklace) for a total of 32 strands, an oversized maxi choker is formed,
Leather back, closed with automatic.

the proposal in different colors and materials.

2 in 1 resin collection

In resin with 8 threads the choker + 8 threads the average, a total of 16 threads

2 in 1 wood collection

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