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Hi everyone ... I'm Ornella from Verona,
I spent a lifetime selling art objects as a representative!
Then things changed and I had to change jobs.
Then I found myself out of work! With the elderly mother in need of help, I decided to take care of her!
Used to work, finding myself at home was hard.
I have always loved the particular large, showy necklaces they wore.
I made a culture by watching them on the internet on different sites.
In 2016 encouraged by my man and some friends to try to do it alone. The OMHANDEMADE brand was born with the various social networks .

Ornella Massagrande

omhandemade necklaces for passion each creation is as unique as you are
Ornella Massagrande

necklaces for passion


Miss bracelets


I opened a shop on Etsy. From my imagination and a continuous search for materials and shapes, my creations are unique and numbered pieces. I get excited every time I finish one! I am passionate and I put my soul in everything I do and create!
In 2020 I decided to open the site.
The creations that I create like and this pushes me to continue to create, for me it is for those like me who seek and do not find on the market.
Hence the choice to create only unique pieces, necklaces that do not have time and do not follow fashions and are not present in stores.

If you like what I do and want to be updated on news, subscribe to the NEWSLETTER on my site, to be always updated on news, offers and promotions. Enjoy your visit.

Ornella Massagrande

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