My fantastic Inspiration

Posted by Ornella Massagrande on

Nature offers us fantastic inspirations to discover the color combinations.

I created sets of photos to show where I take inspiration to create putting together colors and materials and shapes. Anything gives me inspiration; images, places I visited, animals, flowers, objects, I take inspiration from everything.

I love colors, the patterns of colors!

Like many people I love to dress in mono color and I love colored necklaces.

We are not all the same (fortunately) there are also those who prefer to dress using colors and patterns, and therefore you will also find an assortment of colored necklaces.

Find your way of being, your style, wear them, bring them, let yourself be looked at and admire, the Omhandemade necklaces are unique, one more beautiful than the other, like cherries you would like them all!

My fantastic inspirations!


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