Necklaces with leather collar.

made in italy omhandemade omhandemade collane per passione omhandemade Necklace for passion

The peculiarity of Omhandemade necklaces is the LEATHER COLLAR .

The necklace with the leather closure on the back is ideal:

  • for those who like me allergic you have metals or
  • has long hair this is an excellent particular solution
  • hugs the neck well and is made with soft leather that
  • does not bother the neck,
  • hair does not get caught in the hook,
  • strings of beads fall well.
    It can be worn with flat skin, so the lines remain flat, or;
  • with the skin that embraces the neck well and the pearls fall overlapping well
  • makes the necklace special.

stands out in creating only unique pieces,
necklaces can be similar,
but never the same,
they are all created, studied, assembled
personally from


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