20191577 Multi layered silver chanel necklace

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20191577 Multi strand chanel necklace, 8 strands of silver pearls interspersed with large and small pearls creating a play and movement of silver resin beads. Leather back, automatic closure.
The necklaces I create are good for those with a neck measuring 39cm (the size of my neck)
The leather closure on the back of the necklace makes the necklace particular, hugs the neck well and is made with soft leather that does not bother the neck,
the hair does not get tangled in the hook,
the strings of beads fall well.
It can be worn with flat skin, so the strands remain flat,
with the skin that embraces the neck well and the pearls fall overlapping well.
This important necklace is ideal for a nice gift for those who love necklaces
All my creations are unique pieces, they have their own code with certificate.
each necklace is unique.
Creations can be similar but never the same, something always changes.
My creations are designed for unique, strong women,
who love simple but refined and particular clothes,
putting the necklace first to enhance the whole with simplicity and taste.
With whatever you put on this necklace ... they will notice you and you won't go unnoticed.


❤️Handmade bijoux made in Italy each creation is unique ❤️UNICA ❤️ like you
❤️Handmade bijoux made in Italy each creation is ❤️UNIQUE ❤️ as you are

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